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The Equiwinner Patch is the revolutionary new veterinary device that corrects EIPH in horses with resulting improvements in health and performance. 

Try them today and see a remarkable improvement in your animals including the elimination of bleeding, head shaking, red eyes and nostrils, fading effort, distress and refusal.

 Leading veterinarians say that failure to address EIPH in quality and performance horses amounts to animal cruelty and Equiwinner Patch is the only proven solution.

 What conditions does the Equiwinner Patch correct?

1. Exercise Induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage (EIPH) including “bleeders” or blood in the trachea (windpipe).

2. Headshaking for no known cause when the horse is asked for sustained effort, or following vigorous exercise.

3. Bright red eyes or nostrils after exercise if not due to any ascertained cause.

4. Fading effort or pulling up when an otherwise fit horse is asked for performance.

5. Distress or refusal for no known reason when asked for increased effort e.g. going from walk to canter.

6. Dry or dull coat from no apparent cause.

7. Overheating from lack of sweat.

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