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American Fireworks News. (U.S.A.) Jack Drewer, Quotes: 12 June 1998
"The Video was astonishing- we watch it with our mouths agape. It is one of the best pyrotechnic acts I've ever seen.

Fireworks Business (USA) "Hot To Trot Greatest Pyro Stunt!": Aug. 1998
"This act is the most amazing, colorful, exciting use of fireworks we have ever seen, and that was on video! We can't wait to see the real thing."

Northfield Park. (OHIO, USA) Thomas M. Aldrich, Quotes: June 10 1997
To Mr. Steve Wolf
"I want to thank you for arranging one of the greatest promotions in Northfield Park's history. The "Hot To Trot" fireworks show was everything you and Vincent Silvestro said it would be: Colourful,unique, professionally staged,appealing to race fans, and --- thank the Lord ( and Vincent and Hand Me Silver) ---- safe!
Northfield Park received more positive publicity about Hot To Trot, both before and after the event, than for any other promotion we have done in my twelve years as general manager here. All four major television stations in the Cleveland -- Akron area broadcast news features or highlights dedicated to "Hot To Trot."
The news clips, now numbering over 25 at last count, are still rolling in. Much of this airplay and print media success was due to you and your colleagues' diligent advance work, but when you are selling something as hot as Vincent, even an ace like you has to share some credit. Incidentally, did you teach Vincent all your spin tricks, or is he just naturally that ebullient and articulate? The Aussie accent is a real charmer, too.
If you and the Harness Publicists Association ever come up with anything even remotely close to topping this crowd -- please, please call us. We will be happy to be your inaugural track again."

Gold Coast City Show . (Aus.) Ellie Marsden, Quotes: 8 Sept. 1995
This act has to be seen to be believed as it is a world first, and proudly of Australian origin. A sensational display which stops every person in their tracks because of its uniqueness and captivating qualities.
Vincent Silvestro and "Like An Angel" are a distinct drawcard for any suitable venue - blue chip stock if you like.

Royal Adelaide Show. (Aus) Gary T Campbell, Quotes: 11 Sep. 1993
With the final day of this years Royal Adelaide Show nearing a close , please accept our sincere thanks to you for supporting the Society by your brilliant performances on the Main Arena at this year's Royal Adelaide Show.
Your Act was extremely popular, and indeed a highlight of the night's program.
The Royal Adelaide Show runs for 9 days straight, and the "Hot To Trot" performance was scheduled for 7 nights each year.

Auckland Trotting Club. (N Z) J.F. Patterson, Quotes: 11Jan 1996
The track lights were turned off at 10.20 PM and the fireworks began! It would be safe to say that a demonstration of this kind has never been seen by most people and it was very enthusiastically received. Vincent is a master horseman, Like An Angel performs without fault and the fireworks are sensational. This is truly an act that has to be seen to be believed

Tasmanian Pacing Club. (Tasmania) Van Ransley, Quotes: 10 Jan 1992
The attention of the crowd during your act was testimony to the interest created in it, and the response following the performance was richly deserved, and a clear indication of the public's appreciation of your efforts.






Broken Hill Harness Racing Club.(AU) Terry Kennewell, Quotes: Feb 2 1999
"The response we received from our sponsors and general public was extraordinary and it has been many years since we have had people lining up at the gates waiting to gain entry to the track.
May I also congratulate you on your professionalism, the quality of your show, the time you spent with sponsors and media, the time you took with children both young and old after the show signing autographs and talking ect."

Ladbroke Racing Pennsylvania,(USA) Roger Huston,"The Voice" June 20 1997
To Mr. Steve Wolf
You are the greatest! This is truly the greatest promotion for our sport because it is a harness racing promotion.
No elephants, buffaloes, ostriches or bathing beauties. Just Vincent Silvestro and his beloved pacer going around the track with a few (nearly 2,000) aerial bombs, sky rockets and sparklers and not just once but two or three times to be sure everybody got a good look. Let alone standing on the race bike with the reigns in his mouth. WHAT A SHOW!! His rapport with fans young and old was superb. Steve you are no longer the greatest, that title now belongs to Vincent Silvestro and Hot To Trot!


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