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Hot To Trot - The World's Best Fireworks Stunt

Who Is Hot2Trot ?

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Vincent Silvestro
The "Pyrotechnic Wonder from Down Under" is the star of "Hot To Trot." He hails from Sydney, Australia, where he is a professional harness racing driver and horse trainer. "Hot To Trot" originated when some harness racing friends dared Vincent to drive a sulky while standing and holding the reins in his teeth! He took the dare, added fireworks, and his world class extravaganza "Hot To Trot" was created!
It takes a master horseman like Vincent nearly six months of highly specialized training to teach a horse to perform in "Hot To Trot".
Vincent is also a licensed pyrotechnics expert who meticulously plans, develops and builds his unique "Hot To Trot" fireworks racing bike, mortars, flares and breathtaking "Flashing Thunder" ground displays.



Steve is Senior Director of Marketing and Communications at Pompano Park Harness Track, Pompano Beach, Florida, and for over a decade, he has been a leading publicity and marketing director in the sport of harness racing.
In the past ten years, Steve has focused worldwide media attention on:
World renowned fashion designer Oleg Cassini's first pari-mutuel victory!
George McCandeless - the oldest driver ever to win a race!
Slandered - the stair walking horse (seen on every national television Network in North America and throughout Europe)!
Steve has the publicity, marketing ability and contacts throughout the harness racing and sports media world that will make "Hot To Trot" a household name.

Stephanie Wolf

Stephanie is in charge of all the accounting and banking, and oversees the home base office for Hot To Trot Associates. When not dealing with Hot To Trot Associates, Stephanie is a middle school math teacher.

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Vincent Silvestro (Australia)  Phone 0418 677 229 (Cell Phone)

Steve Wolf (USA)   Phone/Fax 954.345.2844





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